Receiving and Speaking the Father’s blessings

Ephesians 3: 14: “I kneel before the Father, from whom every Fatherhood in heaven or on earth takes its name…”

Jesus was on a mission of sonship…to reveal the Father. Malachi 4:5

Who is the Father? Why a Father?

Creator, creation takes place outside of him. Personal: He is not an entity, a force, he is a person…3 to be precise! But he also knows us personally. He is not just a force or an energy. He is a person, who loves us deeply. A father is a protector. A mother is a creator as well but a Father has creation that is seperate from him, showing the transcendence of God.

How does he create? He blesses…


Occurs over 300 times in the bible. “Bene-dicere”: “To speak good” Creation: 3 words: create: צור ; bless: יברך ; speak: לדבר . Same consonants, one action in God. Overcame the original chaos. In creating, God gives an identity, an identity of goodness. Order’s the world and actions according to God’s goodness. The foundation of our being is goodness. Empowers, strengthens, fulfills, Fullness of being is goodness. Blessing also gives us a destiny and purpose.

Famous people in OT were blessed: Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, Peter. Name change showed an identity that came with the blessing.


Male-Dicere: to speak bad. In Gensis, this was the ‘anti-word’. Devil cannot create, only destroy, twist or leave empty. Devil’s lie and curses leave an emptiness.

Jesus calls Apostles to Exorcise, cast out the lie and overcome the chaos that comes from the emptiness and reorder according to God’s plan.

Receiving the Blessing

LUKE 11: 24 Casting out the evils in our lives, require filling. Nature abhors a vacuum.

God knows us this children intimately. Each of us have a name known truly and fully to God himself. The blessings in our lives are as unique as our fingerprints.

Struggles and lies in our lives. Where did they come from?

On the flip side of every lie, there is a blessing waiting to be received. Ask. Pray. Recieve. Gensis 32: 26-30. Wrestling for a blessing. We all have been there and must not let go until we are blessed.

Speaking the Father’s Blessing

In his image and likeness he made them

We are made in God’s Image and Likeness, we also are persons. In our lives, these realities take place in a more linear way. Speaking, Creating, Blessing.

Speaking: God has always used persons to deliver his message. A personal reality. We are called to share in it.

Creating:: As men, we are blessed with the ability to share in God’s act of creation. For most, its a physical sharing. Fullness of personhood is a fullness of goodness we share.

Blessing;: Sharing in creation is also the right and priviledge to share in God’s blessing. Father of the Family was always the priest. Gen. 27: 27. Father’s have blessed their children in the old testament. Priest is a spiritual Father and thus shares, as a priest in God’s act of blessing over my children.

Jurisdiction: You have a pride of place over your children and wife. Also, as men who always represent God and as persons, we can be channels of God’s blessing to those we encounter.

2 types of blessing:

  1. Invocation: To pray and beseech God to pour a blessing on someone. God hears this through the cry of his choosen children. Numbers 6:23-26. We represent God and can bring God.

  2. Spoken blessing: A very special and dear blessing that comes from our words directly into the person of our children. Use specific words, personal words, individual words.


Tragically, we all can be channels of curses as well. When we neglect to bless, when we speak some evil, when we don’t represent God, we curse.

Many years down the road this can alter and affect children’s personalities. Everyday and every night we need to bless our children.

We can become Father’s to the Fatherless and represent God to those who did not have a father.

father of prodigal sonThe Curse is never permanent for it is nothing but emptiness.

For delving deeper, go to:

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