Movie Review: Wonder Woman, the true female identity

wonder wonder

June 2nd, Gal Gadot had every woman in America making a X with their forearms and screaming, “I am Diana, Princess of Themyscira!”, and for good reason. This version  of Wonder Woman has been the best super hero movie to come out since the first Iron Man in 2008. I am normally a Marvel fan. I like the premise of Marvel more than DC. Marvel sets up the broken weak humanity that rises up to become a hero while still being human with their weaknesses and follies. DC has the opposite approach to superheros: they are those that are separated from us but set up above us to watch over us. This is clearly seen in Superman who, as his name even says, is “above man”. So, with the recent Superman, Batman movies, I had a little hesitation. Some people were thinking this Wonder Woman movie was going to flop, it was just going to be a filler movie to set up the Justice League. Some were saying it was going to try to push a feminist agenda and saying women are just like men. However, what made Wonder Woman great was just that, she was totally a woman. There was no agenda being pushed, there was just a hero who was a woman, a true woman. The movie sets up probably the best origin story of any hero. She is from an isolated island called Themyscira that is physically separated from this world and is a pure island of paradise. On that island, we hear a lot of reference to the Greek mythology and gods in creations. Now some probably didn’t like all this but I thought it was refreshing to hear talk of deities and good and bad. This movie also employs the Greek myths the same way the Greeks did: a story that conveyed a deeper truth about realities and its deep mysteries. Primarily, the presence of evil in the world and where it came from. Diana as a young girl is told that Aries, the god of War is out in the world of man leading them to war and that he must be defeated. Diana sets out on a hurt to find him and kill him. However, as her quote says, “I use to want to save the world, but the closer I got, the more darkness I could see” As she enters, ‘the world of men’ from her land of purity, she encounters malice for the first time, she encounters deception, lying, cheating, scamming. This is what is at the heart of Wonder Woman and all women: purity and truth that go hand in hand. It is symbolized by her weapon, the Laso of Truth. In the DC universe, these superheros dont just represent heros above us, they represent the Transcendents, those values which are eternal and universe. Superman is Goodness, Batman is Justice, Wonder woman is Truth. As she movies forward she eventually confronts and fights Aries or who she thinks it is. In defeating him, she sees the wars have not stopped. She sees that there is something in man which is the cause: his wounded free will. We could see here her view of the first time the effects of original sin. The real Aries then comes out and again tries to fight with lies. He says that man will never stop this and that he must be destroyed. She is given a choice to destroy man. However, she again comes back with truth: they have capacity of great evil, but also for great good; she sees this in the self sacrifice of her first true love. Aries, who again tries to defeat her with power, war and strength, is no match for her forgiveness and compassion she has for this wounded man. Only then is war defeated. Not by power, but again by true love and living the truth of human identity. Even after the fall, man still has an Echo of the original goodness from the garden. Wow. This message and movie left me in awe. She had the power, but it was in truth and love that she fought. Some say she fights not with her fists, but with her heart.

This movie has been the most satisfying superhero movie so far. It has an awesome soundtrack and a great message again about women. They are not better than men about doing things better than them. They are better at men at being women and living in that dignity and identity in truth and love. All women should know of their dignity and fight with that truth.

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