The Atheist Problem. Part 1: Faith vs Reason?


For the past three years, I’ve been subscribed to one of my favorite magazines, Astronomy, about, you guessed it, astronomy. I love not only stargazing and observing, but studying and learning about astronomy, the cosmos, expansion theory, laws of physics and so on. For me, it helps to deepen my faith. Faith is something that presupposes and builds on reason, but goes beyond it. Faith deals with in the end, trust in God. I see that it all connects together and works together. Recently, in one of the column writters,they wrote on the Dunning-Kruger theory. It essentially comes down to the fact of seeing the universe and many things in it in an illogical way. Crazy and person beliefs in what and how the universe exists that goes against empirical, observable evidence. I and the Catholic Church as well, delve very deeply into the sciences. The sciences are how we know with our reason of anything and everything. Science itself comes form the latin “Scire” meaning, “To know”. Even theology we consider a science. Now, its distinguish from like physical science because of its object, namely,God. St. Thomas says there are two kinds of science. Essentially what would be practical science where we learn of things from the use of reason, cause and effect, trial and error, et alia. This is things like mathmatics and geometry and physics. These formulate principals and such on the base of observation. However, there are principals that proceed from higher science such as how science of perspective comes from principals in geometry and music from principals in arithmetic. So too, in theology we look at the principals that come from God. So it is the object that changes a science. Theology, also in studying God studies things in their whole since the object of the science is God, it only studies and sees things in their light and connection with God as you naturally study the parts of things by studying the whole, like studying sea creatures in studying the ocean.

Maybe a lot of that went over your head but the case in point is that: science and faith can go hand in hand. They should. We should first say that if something is true, it cannot contradict something else that is true. Truth cannot contradict truth. That is stupid. Something false can contradict something true but not something true. They must all connect and work together. So with all this the guy gave a very good analysis on the problem and how people dont think through things and then starts listing a few examples and among the list is “Intelligent design”. Now this is refering to the thought that not only is there a design and a harmony behind creation but that it came from a creator source and that this all can be known by us. So essentially he was saying that faith is unreasonable. This has been coming up a lot recently. I actually found my counterpart in a website called, “The Thinking Atheist”. His tagline is “You pray for me and I will think for you”, again trying to say we are unreasonable. Now, there are many believers out there guilty of what is called “Fideism” which says that all we need is faith and blind faith at that. We simply take everything on the authority that God said it and therefore we must believe it. Well…no. God gave us the light of reason to come to know of all things and him as well. Science can say about the world and can form principals and theories about general occurances in the world, but again a higher science and speak of these things in their wholeisic sense. Example: geometry and arithmatic can talk about the Mona Lisa in dimsension, degree formation. However, only Michelangelo can say who it is and why he made it. Yet, that doesnt contract any other science. Its like using different senses to see with. Different eyes and Peter Kreeft would put it. One is not wrong and the others right but there could be a deeper seeing. A doctor can see you, examine you and know about you. A teacher and interact with you, teach you and walk with you, but you would still say that your mother knows you the best. None of these three people will be wrong in what they know about you, just know you in different relations. Same is true with the sciences. I am indeed a man of faith but I am also a lover of science and investigation. I do not take my religious beliefs as proving or disproving facts of science. I see that the two can have a harmony and a union. If a precept of faith were to contradict true science, then 1) it would be out of its field of competence and 2) it would not be accurate.

So hopefully this set up some good stuff for y’all to think about about ponder maybe even in your own life. I will come back later and try to discuss a little more of intelligent design but for now, think on this.

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