Marriage: A reflection and a Promise

Tim and Katie Jara. Married July 22, 2017 in St. Ann’s church, Dallas Texas
This summer I have been able to do two marriages in the month of july. Its such a beautiful and joyful occasion! Each of them had very unique and beautiful things that they brought to the marriage and the reality of what is taking place. In the first one, there was a lot of suffering that the couple had gone through in getting to the marriage. The husband had lost a child from a previous relationship in a car wreck the year before. after all that,he and his current wife walked together in healing through all this. It was a reminded that marriage is not a fix it solution. People should not be married to fix hurts and brokeness and problems in their life. That is God’s duty. Marriage is a reminder of the healing encounter with God’s love that untimately healed a broken and divided world. People dont have to be prefect in entering into marriage, they come with their brokeness and don’t marriage to fix it, but to journey together as God’s heals and fixes them. Another interesting thing was the hispanic traditions involved and the use of the ‘Lazo’. After they are wed, a large, double looped rosary is placed over each of them. THey stay united until they recieve communion. It shows that they are united together in Christ and that it will be Christ especially in the Eucharist who keeps them together.
The second marriage was of two friends of mine from a few years ago. I was able to go to Dallas fo this one. A very beautiful wedding and the couple actually had a theme for their wedding! It was from Evangelii Gaudium par 10: “Life flourishes when it is given away, but weakeness in isolation and comfort” A few thoughts about this. We like to stay in isolation and comfort normally not out of laziness, but fear. We know of the pains of the past, our mistakes and hurts and dont want it to happen again. We close ourselves off even from good things in the future, out of fear of even the smallest hurt. We must rememember that not even the greatest sin of the past can undue even the smallest good that love can produce. All the darkness of the world cannot extinguish the the flame of love. If we look at the mistakes and hurts of the past, we stay there, as prisoners. But this is why hope is a virtue centered on the future, for God to move us out. God lives outside of time and can make us and our mistakes something greater. All can be consummed in the ever present flame of his love. By faith we must surrender to him. We must allow ourselves to become vulnerable. To love at all is to do this. Our hurts and faults can become more than themselves only when we offer them to God. Just as he did in the resurrection. Also, marriage is man and woman coming out of the isolation of just living for their own selves, as selfless as that may be, and want their whole lives, all that is in it, pains, joys, hurts and successes, to be a symbol, or dare I say, sacrament of the Faither’s love for us his children. He can do this when we give it to him and he joins himself with us on the journey of life…and what God has joined, no man can tear asunder.
However, Marriage is under attack…By and large, once the spiritual is taken out and we are reduced to simply bodies, we begin to see others as such. Marriage is a natural institution for the union of persons and procreation. However, with the recent changes that marriage is no longer just between man and woman, its is no longer about true union. With the variety of contraception and abortion, neither is it about children. Once the foundation of society, that is the family which literally is the first cell of society, is destroyed, the rest of society follows. We must restablish the full reality of marriage in its unitive purpose of uniting body, mind, emotions and all and see how that connects with and bred the creation of children. 

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