A new chapter begins, an INTJ at work…

Greetings in Christ! Over the last three years of my priesthood, I’ve tried to reach out to as many people as I can. Its kinda what Jesus wants. He became man. He entered our world. He used his humanity to connect with people and thus to connect with the divinity of God. Jesus calls me to do the to do the same with my humanity. My personality type is an INTJ which means that I think, a lot. Some people will ask me, “What are you doing?”, “Thinking. ” I reply. It seems simple to me but many people don’t seem to understand. Why not? When I’m in a parking lot, I need to think of what would happen if all the cars turned out to be Transformers. How about when asked to do something, what if there is another way to reach the same conclusion? Have you ever thought about yourself thinking? Either way, we live in a world of very different thoughts, yet a universal truth. My hope is to engage people in thought on various things, everything from astronomy to movies to social trends and events. Heck, if you have something, lets talk! Give me some time to think but, yeah, lets do it!IMG_1876

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